Health & Performance Tips for Running Races in Atlanta

Plan for running races in atlanta ? There are so many races and marathons happening in Atlanta at any given time of the year that runners find choosing just one a tad difficult.

From Hotlanta Half Marathon to the popular 5K Marathon to the Rockin’ with Santa Half Marathon and many more, runners are spoilt for choice here.

But if you plan to run a race or a marathon, you need to know the proper tips to take care of yourself and stay safe, while running perfectly.

1. Keep yourself well-hydrated, during and after the marathon, to loosen up your muscles.

2. Always make time for a warm-up or a stretching session right before you take part in a race.

3. To avoid suffering from heat cramps, exhaustion or a heat stroke, run in a slow mode in extremely hot weather.

4. Make it a part of your running routine to use a good quality hand lotion on your feet and other dryness-prone areas to avoid getting your skin damaged and to prevent blisters.

5. To raise your depleting sources of energy while running, imagine that someone who is running in front of you is pulling you forward. This visualisation will give you an instant boost of energy.

6. If you suffer any pain at all, stop immediately! Listen to your body cues to prevent any injury from taking place.